Year of the Kite Debut ‘With Sparks Flying’

year of the kite

With Sparks Flying is the debut album of indie rock band, Year of the Kite. Friends realizing that they could play music together, the band has created an album that has the quality and cohesiveness that is found in more established acts. The album features an eclectic array of instruments that meet in a loaded soundscape, its fluid and dream-like.


It’s an adventurous album. There are multiple interludes that are pared down and beautiful. An example of this is the track “Somewhere After Sunday”. It is quite subtle, the effects added next to the piano’s melody. These types of songs occur frequently and are important in the flow of one song to the next. It is a way of preparing you for the next song’s experience.


Year of the Kite Are Exciting In A Mellow, Dreamy Way

While their genre is alternative rock, Year of the Kite employs aspects of shoegaze and dreampop in their music. Seeing as they are creating their sound with actual instruments and not solely digital programs, this is something that is rather impressive. “Welding Song” is perhaps the most digital sounding. It has tonal components that are reminiscent of Tibetan singing bowls, it puts you in a meditative state. The song is also really layered with different instruments, which is what gives it that feeling of dreampop.


With Sparks Flying is a very exciting debut for Year of the Kite. The album is stirring and strangely emotional. They are particularly adept at creating overwhelming soundscapes and then balancing it with softer, less complex moments for you to rest. Some moments can be monotonous but really, there are nuanced differences that are so unique and special when you come across them. For example, “Lucked Out” has really cool effects not found anywhere else on the album and they are so good.


Year of the Kite is definitely a force to be reckoned with and this is their first album. There can only be great things to come from them with sparks flying.

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