Find “Your Path” With Songwriter Jon Pattie

Folk singer/songwriter Jon Pattie is sharing his emotionally-moving single “Your Path” out now! As a teacher by day, and passionate singer/songwriter by night, Jon Pattie is stepping out of the background as a lead guitarist for other bands and stepping into the start of his solo career. 

“Your Path” is the first single from his upcoming EP Reflections: Vol II which will be his second project released to date. “All of my songs come from the heart,” Jon shares. “It’s a form of journaling and release for me when I write music.” “Your Path” is produced by Nashville producers, Andy Freeman and Brad Lindsay. 

This inspirational and moving single does wonders for reminding listeners why music is so important. There’s a sense of vulnerability in his lyrics that he executes so beautifully, and overall, creates a beautiful and cohesive listen. Pattie tackles the conversation of “overcoming the barriers life throws at you” through his fun and pop-driven sound. 

At its core “Your Path” connects with listeners on a deeper level, and uncovers the struggles we face when we are put in tough situations. As bad or uncomfortable as those situations might be, its how we handle them that defines us, not the event itself. Its songs like these that reassure those ideas, so thank you Jon Pattie for such a great and relatable song!

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