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Zachary Sticker

One of the best parts of creating music is having the freedom to experiment and write songs that do not have to fit into any little box or please anyone but yourself.  The minds of these imaginative artists is what determines the next wave of music.  We may be ahead of our time with the new sounds from Zachary Sticker.

The 20 year old who hails from Staten Island, New York started making music in 2011.  Zachary Sticker has a true passion for music, especially the drums.  Instead of smashing a drumset, he moved to creating electronic beats and music on his desktop computer.  The mix of genres that Zachary uses ranges from Glitch to Metal to Americana crafting something that is truly unique.  

Zachary Sticker Creates Experimental Electronica

Last week Zachary Sticker released his full length album Malfunction.  The record ranges through 24 tracks, including 5 bonus songs.  Right from the glitchy explosion of the opener “11;26;13” you know you are in for something different.  In just the 5 minutes of this song there is a journey through multiple beats and genres.  The catchy melody of “6;1;16” will get your head bouncing almost immediately.  There are a bunch of song titles with numbers.  I am guessing these are the dates the tracks were recorded on Zachary’s computer, why change the file name?

A darker side is shown on “Lunar Eclipse” as the grinding sounds give off an eerie vibe.  It quickly gets overshadowed by a high end riff that smashes in creating a cacophony of sound.  There is a lot going on here.  The atmospheric soundscape of “Typewriter” continues the creepy vibe as noises seem to come from all angles to wash over the listener.  Zachary Sticker shows some versatility with an innovative cover of the Elliott Smith song “Angel In The Snow”.  The vocals get muddled in the mix a little but that seems to be intended to create that Smith vibe.  The closing track is a remix of “8;6;13”.  This is probably the best-produced song on the record.  Zachary Sticker seems to be developing with each track he records and at the rate he has been churning out music, the best may be yet to come.  

Listen to the record and keep up with what’s next at:

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