Country Boi – Using Positivity in Hip Hop

Country Boi

The hip hop scene has been inundated over the last decade with artists choosing to focus on the negatives of society and their anger toward it.  This doesn’t have to be the way to get attention.  Our recent find Country Boi aims to put a positive spin on life through his music.

The artist from Sarasota, Florida was born with the name Brian Lhexriah.  From a young age, Brian’s life has always been saturated with music. His father was a gospel singer and Brian inherited these musical talents. Unlike some in the hip-hop genre, Brian Lhexriah’s strong church background enabled him to live a positive life and stay out of trouble.  Instead of being a phony, Country Boi shares his personal life and experiences in his music creating a happy vibe.  There are heavy pieces of R&B and Soul scattered in his music making for a fresh and welcoming catalog of songs.  Country Boi lives life to the fullest and dives in full force, paying homage to Dj’s and  listeners supporting him and his music through his travels through a rising career.

Country Boi Connects To The Fan Through Realness

The latest release from Country Boi is “What Time Is It!”  It is a bouncy track that creates a happy tone with its chill melody and climbing beat.  The vocals run fast and hard but preach of striving for more and overcoming any obstacles that get in the way.  Multiple listens are demanded to take in all the storytelling Country Boi provides here. The hook will weave its way into your brain and repeat itself way after the song has come to an end.  

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