Get charged up with “Supercharger” by Warren Schimizzi

Warren Schimizzi is a name that you’ve been missing out on for way too long.

But let me save you before you’re just a bit too lost. I’m here to introduce his new single “Supercharger” from his EP Radio Modular. This 5 track release features a combination of styles, as the Virginia native has been influenced by hard rock and heavy metal. Although his style somewhat differs, we see similar aspects in his new release.

“Supercharger” starts off with a very funky beat that sounds totally 90’s rock. There’s a similarity to older Incubus tracks, which I can totally appreciate. The vocals also have that similar sound, and there’s a sultry vibe to it overall. It’s extremely catchy and it’ll really put you into that relaxed zone that everyone needs after a long day at work. Oh that’s just me? Okay.

Seriously though, if you need to let your mind wander and have the music envelop all of your senses, you really need to listen to this one. The tempo is pretty similar throughout the first half, but it really gives you the chance to experience the music and not just have it flow in one ear and out the other.

By the time the chorus comes around, there’s a pick up to the song, but it doesn’t change so much that you feel like you’re listening to a completely different song. I’m not sensing much hard rock and definitely not metal, but there’s a serious rock sound to it. Overall, this is a song that has some serious good vibes coming with it, and if you haven’t checked out Warren Schimizzi and his new EP, you probably won’t want to wait any longer.

You can go on over to Warren’s website right now (no seriously, right now) and listen to “Supercharger” along with three other tracks from his EP.

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