V.n.S – Experimenting To Find Something Fresh


Any group of musicians hoping to expand their skills must be willing to venture outside of their comfort zone.  Experimenting with different genres and styles can open up new doors and this new mix can often create some of the group’s best music.  The project known as V.n.S may have just hit their stride.

The production duo based in Sydney, Australia formed back in 2012.  V.n.S is comprised of long time pals Val Malakhov and Sasha Ivanyuk.  Together they share a mutual passion for EDM and have since been honing their craft across a spectrum of house, trance, dub and industrial leaning cuts and remixes. They have gained a good following with their original sound but are always looking to experiment and add to the V.n.S catalog.  

V.n.S Always Open To Something New

On June 10th the duo released the new single “Fool’s Paradise” as the first taste from a series of tracks slated for release in 2016.  The song was born out of experimentation, a desire to step out of their comfort zone and create a track that ventured into uncharted territory.  Adding to the project, the team brought in the vocal talents of Corinne Caston.   

The mellow opening leads to the sultry lyrics drawing in any listener.  The soundscape is filled with exotic and glitchy sounds that combine to form a cohesive backdrop for the emotions of the song.  The track builds up to a strong climax with the beat erupting and sliding down a valley of minimalism.  V.n.S keeps us guessing as they manipulate the soundscape as only they can.  They definitely found what they were looking for with the vocals of Corinne.  

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