Yaya Diamond – Expanding Her Reach With New Genres

Yaya Diamond

It may not necessarily be hereditary but musical talent can definitely run in the family.  Having the knowledge that success is truly achievable in the music industry with hard work and a game plan is a huge help in any rising artist’s career.  Our recent find Yaya Diamond is proof of this and is making quite a name for herself.

The woman, also known as Yahaloma, comes from a very enriched musical family.  She is the daughter of the Multi-Platinum International Recording Artist Evelyn Thomas, niece of the first Black Metropolitan Opera singer Robert McFerrin, and cousin of Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin.  That is quite a nice family tree.  

The skills of Yaya Diamond be it as a vocalist, writer, or performer are well known in the music scene.  She has opened, as a solo act and member of The Crashers, a SW Florida Premier band, for various artists such as Mary Mary, Aaron Neville, The Former Ladies of The Supremes, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Here comes the Mummies, Rare Earth, and many more! Her writing and vocal skills have even commanded the attention of the Grammy Board, getting her 8 Grammy Nominations for a collaboration with Walter “Clyde” Orange of “The Commodores”.  The ball is rolling fast in the right direction for Yaya Diamond.

Yaya Diamond Reaches Another Genre


The latest work for Yahaloma is her collaboration with Florian F. called “Closer (Ibiza Version)”.  It is a pumping dance track that is preparing to rule the dance floors.  The production of Florian definitely keeps the track going but the highlight is the vocals of Yaya Diamond.  There is a sultry and exciting feel to her words that will draw in the listener.  The rise and fall of energy within the song will keep the attention focused on what is happening as your body involuntarily starts to move.  

Another track “Hey DJ” is coming within the next few weeks.  She is also currently in the studio working on her next solo project. For more information go to: www.YayaDiamond.com

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