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Luanne Hunt

It is quite an accomplishment to have a lasting career in this crazy industry we call the music business.  One of the keys is to always do what you love and put your passion into your music.  Country star Luanne Hunt has been doing just that for over 20 years now.

Her latest single “Texas Tears” has been around almost as long.  It was written by her husband Steve years ago but sat on the shelf until recently when it was given the full production treatment.  The result is a peppy song that provides that classic country feel with some warm California vibes thrown in to please ears from around the world.  Luanne Hunt’s vocals welcome everyone in close to her emotions.  The instrumentals, including a fantastic piano solo, take the song to to a higher level that is ready for mainstream Country radio.  Listen here:



We recently had a moment to chat with Luanne Hunt about her long career and her joy in writing and performing her songs.  Enjoy the interview below:


IndieBandGuru: You have been in the music scene for quite a while. What has provided the staying power?

Luanne Hunt : A singer/songwriter friend once told me that music picked him, not the other way around.  That really resonated with me.  I have to do this. Period.

Beyond that, the idea of continuing to improve at what I do keeps me in the game.  I love being on stage but there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing I can continue rising to new heights with my artistry through the songwriting, recording and performing process.


IBG: How would you describe your sound?

LH: There have been many times when people have asked me what other artists I sound like and I never quite know how to answer.  My sound is something that’s very unique to me.  It is, however, greatly influenced by folk and country – especially more of the old school stuff.

As my recordings evolve, they seem to be taking on more depth as we infuse a bit of the blues in them.  I have found my musicians really sink their teeth into anything remotely blues-inspired, so it’s exciting to see the magic they make rise to a whole new level.


IBG: Some of your songs have found huge success in European countries. What do you think makes your music so popular there?

LH: Country music is very popular in the UK in general.  A lot of people don’t know this but they do not have terrestrial country radio stations in Europe. They are all Internet based and there are tons of them.

I promote my songs overseas with various European radio promoters who do a terrific job of getting stations to add me to their playlists.  All that airplay has added up to a lot of fans.

Luanne Hunt Keeping Country Alive Everywhere

IBG: Through the years, how has your local area of Southern California reacted to your music? What is the country music scene like there?

The country music scene is almost nonexistent in Southern California.  We used to have many country western bars and nightclubs but I can only think of a couple that are left.

That being the case, it really hasn’t affected my ability to get gigs because I mainly perform at smaller concert venues and private events.  Outside of playing live, much of my recognition has come from the many articles that have been written about me in So. Cal newspapers.


IBG: You were recently inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame. What an honor. Tell us about that experience?

LH: Truthfully, when I started my professional journey in the music business over 20 years ago, I never even came close to imagining I’d receive an honor like that one day.  All along, my main intention has been to write, record and produce music at the highest level possible.  Each positive and successful step I’ve taken to reach that goal has been a reward in and of itself.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame definitely has been an incredible thrill but more than that, it’s confirmation to me that all of the work I’ve been putting into my craft for so many years has paid off.

I’d also like to add that there are very few ways in which Independent artists can be recognized on a grand scale, so I am extremely grateful to the founder of the Hall of Fame, Frans Maritz, as well as all of the wonderful and supportive DJs who voted me in.


IBG: Tell us about your latest release “Texas Tears”?

LH: My husband Steve wrote “Texas Tears” one summer about 20 years ago.  He was churning out tunes like crazy at the time and each one seemed better than the last.

I remember just loving “Texas Tears” and wound up taking our guitar/vocal demo to a friend of mine who ran a publishing company in Nashville.  She loved it, too, and wanted to sign it.  Her business partner, however, argued with her about doing so because they had no financial stake in the writing of the tune.  That was very disappointing to say the least.

We ultimately shelved the song and except for producing a male guitar/vocal demo of it in the late 1990s, it just sat in our catalog.

When I was getting ready to start recording my 13th studio CD a couple of months ago, I told my husband it was high time we dusted off “Texas Tears” and gave it a whirl.

My keyboard player Hal came up with the whole honkytonk blues feel and it couldn’t have been a better fit.  Our past demos were pretty folky, so we were ecstatic over the new arrangement, as well as the opportunity to do something a little different.

Once the rest of my studio players heard Hal’s groove, they all became caught up in the energy.  For a song where each instrument was tracked separately on different days, it sounds like everyone’s playing at the same time.  I am very proud to have such talented and passionate musicians on my team.

Since releasing “Texas Tears,” it’s been getting quite a bit of airplay around the world.  It also was in the No. 1 spot for several weeks on a prominent Indie country music chart in the UK.


IBG: What’s next for Luanne Hunt?

LH: I’m currently working on my 13th studio CD and have already completed three tracks, including “Texas Tears.”

Beyond recording, I’m headed off to LeMars, Iowa at the end of August to accept a “Classic Country CD of the Year” award from the Rural Roots Music Commission for my album “Songs from the Valley.”

And I’m currently in production for a play I’ve written about John Denver’s life, which will be

presented by the Rocky Mountain Foundation for the Performing Arts in Aspen, Colorado on October 14 and 15, 2016.
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