Jake Ward – Creating Energy With A Full Band

Jake Ward

Many artists grow up yearning for a successful solo career.  It will always be hard to get everything going on your own and build up an energy that can transfer to the audience.  We have seen many artists that thought they would go it alone until they finally hooked up with a full band and saw the possibilities grow exponentially.  We came across Jake Ward recently who seems to have realized this rising path.

The up and coming Country artist based out of Corpus Christi, Texas.  Growing up, Jake Ward was surrounded by music. Starting at a very young age, he always knew he wanted to make music for a living.  Jake has been performing for years but only recently compiled a full band that seems to have taken his music to the next level.  Together they blend classic country with modern rock to pull in fans from all angles.  Jake Ward and his band are known for their high-energy shows and unique sound.  On a given night, you can count on hearing everything from 3-part harmonies, to screaming guitar solos, some bluesy harmonica, and fan-favorite, fiddle from the talented Owen Fitzsimmons.  The energy they bring resonates with everyone who gets to see them live.  



The latest track by the Jake Ward Band is “Lonely Street”.  It is a true storytelling piece of Americana.  The emotions bleed through in the lyrics and create true feelings in the listener.  The buildup explodes into a massive chorus that will stick in your brain for quite a while.

The Music Of Jake Ward Will Welcome You In

Jake and his band are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. They have played shows all over, but  “the best is yet to come,” says Jake. Jake Ward has only just begun his musical career, and with his musical talents and work ethic, he is going to be around for a long time.

Keep track of what’s next at: http://jakewardmusic.com/

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