The Rival Embrace Positivity In Catchy New Electropop EP

The Rival

Indie-pop duo The Rival has released a 5-track EP titled Waves. It’s part of a trilogy of EPs yet to be released, titled Sand and Peaks, respectively. In Waves, The Rival deliver exactly as promised in this fun, lighthearted group of tracks that can be seamlessly integrated into your summer playlist.

While Phillip Larue and Allen Salmon admittedly created a dreamy electropop EP that shys away from risks, they make up for it by releasing a product that reminds us that music isn’t always supposed to be taken very seriously. Music doesn’t necessarily have to be shocking or revolutionary, or feature new and inventive sounds in order to please an audience. This pop is formulaic, familiar and comforting and that’s exactly what pop is supposed to be. This Nashville-based duo presents us with 5 whole songs of pop-y ear candy set on the theme of waves that can be played on repeat.

The Rival’s Light and Infectious Set List

The album opens with “When I’m With You (Walking on Air).” It’s an easy track that leads with an incredibly catchy hook and tells the story of a lightweight infatuation.

“Keep On Moving” is an uplifting and the epitome of a powerful, motivational, pop anthem. I found it impossible not to sing along to the chorus by the end (Although, admittedly, I was singing along to each of these, but I’m judging by my loudest vocals here).

Although I’m not married, “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” is what I would imagine a honeymoon would be in song form. It maybe na strange comparison, but it was the first thought that came to my mind. It radiates nothing but positive vibes.

“Make This Last” relies heavily on its infectious chorus. “Crash Over Me” is a relatively more mellow song, that really evokes the theme of waves, in my opinon. It is my personal favorite and Larue and Salmon deliver especially soothing vocals and a mix of instruments including horns to truly make this tune feel complete.

The Rival’s Waves is exactly what it claims to be and I am most definitely not complaining. There is a type of music for every situation and if you’d like to forget about your troubles for a while as you’re cruising down the highway or laying out in the sun, then this EP is worth a listen. As Larue explains, “We wanted to make an EP that made you feel alive and hopefully make you smile and head to the beach with your mates to drink a cold one”.

Mission accomplished.

Waves is now widely available on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital stores.

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