Richlove Gives into “Temptation” and Drops New Single

Pop/Country band Richlove drops new single called Temptation

Five-piece pop/country band, Richlove, drops their junior single, “Temptation,” exclusively with YouTube. Originating in Seattle and now residing in Nashville, Richlove consists of Chloe (vocals), Adamm (lead guitar), Ben (drums), Triston (bass), and Matt (acoustic guitar/piano). They all came together from several different touring bands to create a collaborative effort of talented musicians. After releasing their debut single “Something in the Water” in November of 2017, the group took a step back. They took the time to truly build a foundation they could all proudly stand behind. Equally as important, they focused on honing their skills as individual musicians and as group.

The track is a soft, but catchy beat that follows the story of finally indulging in someone you’ve wanted to be around for so long. It lightly references the twelve steps of recovery, stating “there ain’t twelve steps to getting over you.” Often when someone is falling in love or has a new flame, that person can feel almost addicting. It’s exciting and the endorphins in your brain can feel like a high. The song continues on with several strong analogies comparable to similar topics or feelings.

Chloe’s beautiful voice perfectly balances country twang and top 40 radio. In fact, it’s that combination with the gentle mixing of guitar and drums that makes this the perfect rainy summer evening song. It hits the nail on head, as far as mood goes. Sticky summer rain is exactly what longing feels like. Of course, this isn’t shocking in the least. Richlove’s previous two tracks are also summer hits. If there’s one thing they’ve perfected, it’s their ability to expertly capture the bliss of summer within their lyrics.

A Music Video Accompanies the Exclusive Release

The music video takes place in what appears to be an empty home or warehouse. All of their instruments are set up as the vocalist strolls throughout the property. Though the main focus is on Chloe, the balance between each member of the band is spot on. Yet again, it does an amazing job of encapsulating a rainy summer evening. Watching the video leaves a nostalgic feel, similarly to missing out on something or wishing you’d taken that leap.

It’s a drastic shift from the video that went along with their debut single, which featured bright colors and time by a pool full of perfectly blue water. This new video is a display of muted colors and an immense attention to detail. There’s a stronger focus on the music, rather than theatrics. It’s melancholy and a breath of fresh air all at once. Furthermore, this video proves how important setting and coloring is to effectively portray your desired mood.

Temptation” is an all-around perfect summer hit and leaves the listener excited in anticipation for the next Richlove single.

Currently, “Temptation” is only available on YouTube, but will be available on streaming services the weekend following its initial release.

Richlove’s previous singles are available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with the band on their Facebook or Instagram!

Upcoming tour dates are found on their website.

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