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An Endless Summer with Phases by Ohlayindigo

Summer may just be coming to an end…Luckily, there’s there’s no saying we can’t prolong the best season of the year with San-Francisco-based, Norway- and UK-born duo, Ohlayindigo and their breezy 6-track release, Phases. The group, consisting of singer Hanna Ponth and drummer Zak Shrapnell, has presented an version of synthpop so light, it is

Andrew Keoghan’s “Queues at Dani Keys”: A Video of Brilliant Façads and Fictionalities

Similarly to many iconic movies of the ’80s, New Zealand-born Andrew Keoghan doesn’t spare any bit of that glitz while simultaneously showing us how dangerously easy it is to get sucked into a world where everyone constantly strives to one-up the other in his latest music video for “Queues at Dani Keys.” A metropolitan lifestyle of

Ben de la Cour — a Young Americanoir Troubadour

In his new album, Midnight in Havana, emerging singer/songwriter Ben de la Cour does Americanoir proud as his collection of 11 songs take one on a turbulent, emotionally-packed journey. Already drawing comparisons to timeless greats such as Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash, the young Brooklyn-born folk singer presents himself with the maturity of someone many