DREAMERS Newest is Indeed a Dream, with a Dose of Reality


Sometimes when we seek out music, we are just looking for nothing more than a little bit of lighthearted comfort. DREAMERS brings just that with their newest release, This Album Does Not Exist. Considering the title, the pop-rock group hailing from Brooklyn, really makes sure their album hits you at full swing with a series of bubbly melodies, playful guitar riffs, and cheeky choruses.

Hopefully the goal was to be taken lightly as DREAMERS’ first album, after the release of their two EPs, is exactly what it seems like on the surface. It’s amusing and fresh and pop-rock, reverting back to punk at times. The group avoids going into heavy topics, rather choosing to explore their adolescent woes. Their lightweight rebellious charm can be reminiscent of Weezer if you throw a little bit of Good Charlotte and Bowling for Soup into the mix as well.

DREAMERS Will Have You Screaming at the Top of Your Lungs

One of the first singles off the This Album Does Not Exist, “Sweet Disaster” shouts out some legendary rockers in a song all about the sweet recklessness of youth “In a river of champagne / swimming through the morning after.” Similarly, “DRUGS” will have you screaming “higher” at the top of your lungs as the lines between fantasy and your own reality are blurred.

A noticeable standout is “Cry Out For Me.” With a clearly more mature sound, the group demonstrates that not only can they fit well into the alternative genre, but they also reveal an entirely new side to themselves. The tune features slightly breathy vocals, subtle humming, and noticeably more rhythmic percussion, giving depth to an album heavily saturated with girls, partying, drugs, alcohol, and whatever else the inner teenager craves.

While This Album Does Not Exist may not be for everybody, DREAMERS does have a whole lot to offer in terms of their musical versatility and their ability to have a blast with whatever they do. And that fun is, well, very infectious.

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