nthng’s “Untitled (Human Pt. II)” an Elevated Techno Haze


Minimal. Hazy. Yet strangely alluring. Sure you may think that 8 minutes and 50 seconds of mysterious, ambient beats may prove to be too much for you, but don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

Mysterious DJ from the Netherlands, nthng, has released a remastered version of “Untitled (Human Pt. II)” as one half of a two-track 12-inch vinyl sampler, part of a preview of what’s to come on his forthcoming 3LP full length album on Lobster Theremin.

The Power of nthng

Soon you may find yourself taken by nthng, dancing away in one of Europe’s famed industrial warehouse-turned-club (Fun fact: techno was actually invented in the suburbs of Detroit in the 1980s).

Under a steady beat with just the right amount of distortion, “Untitled (Human Pt. II)” takes you into a futuristic, trance-inducing state where you’ll be overcome with a feeling of desolation. It’s raw, it’s hollow. For some it will be beautiful, an inexplicable experience that no other genre of music can bring. For others, it’s questionable.

There’s no doubt, however, that nthng has gotten the attention of the brooding underground techno world for all the right reasons, and “Untitled (Human Pt. II)” is sure to keep it.

Take a listen.

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