Jon Pattie Continues “Reflections” On His Musical Journey

Nashville Singer-Songwriter Jon Pattie has released the second part of his Reflections series: Dream On. This single is a credit to Pattie’s mastery in the indie-pop genre. Soft and reassuring, the lyrics “just for tonight, we’ll be alright” float soothingly amongst dreamy guitar chords. The rest of the song seems to be addressed to a partner, reflecting on better days of a relationship, and how the two could relive them, even if just for one night.

The brand new music video for “Dream On” was released today

Working as a teacher by day, and a passionate singer-songwriter by night, Jon Pattie started off his musical career in various bands, before venturing into the world of working solo. “All of my songs come from the heart”, Jon says when explaining what songwriting represents for him. “It’s a form of journaling and release for me when I write music,” he adds.

Jon is releasing one new single a month in hopes of building up suspense for his big drop in February of next year; Reflections: Vol II. Last month’s release Pieces,” was a “symbiotic blending of folk roots, pop production, and a singer-songwriter story.” Also releasing a music video to accompany each single, “Pieces” is about who you can rely on, when things seem to be falling apart.

Jon Pattie breaks into “Pieces” on new Music Video

This next EP follows Jon’s first release in 2018, Reflections: Vol I. Jon lists his influences as Alec Benjamin, Jon Mayer, and Jon Bellion. The sounds of these artists were definitely heavy on his first release. While you can still hear them in his latest music, Jon has been experimenting more with guitar-heavy sound and synths for Reflections: Vol II.

“Reflections: Vol. II has been a dream to make. Each song comes from a story in my life and each one its own fingerprint. I got to work with some great producers and musicians who really helped breathe life into these tracks and make each track sound unique! I’m excited to be sharing this next stage of my life and my music with the world. I feel that there’s a song for everyone on this EP.”

-Jon Pattie on the making of Reflections: Vol II


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