Matt Midgley, Guitar Virtuoso, Prepping EP

Matt Midgley

For everyone and no one all at once.

Matt Midgley masterfully creates the type of music that many men would never play, but that every man needs to hear. He takes simple chord progressions and molds them into these foreign-folk masterpieces that could just as well hang on a wall rather than sit on your Soundcloud playlist.

Songs like “Everybody and No One,” from his 2013 EP, can send your ears running through a bed of roses or leave you with nothing but tears, tissues, and a taste of heartbreak. Using nothing but a percussive guitar and his songbird vocalism, he eloquently tells a story we’ve all told at least once before ourselves — the sanctity found in being alone.

His upcoming FEANO EP is the culmination of three painstaking years of writing, touring, and growing as an artist. His PledgeMusic campaign to fund the album is coming to a very successful close — less than 24 hours left — this is definitely an artist you should buy into.

Matt Midgley

Matt Midgley is a neo-folk soloist, a Scot based out of Oxfordshire, England. He makes his music with a big heart that pounds to the beat of every song he sings. It’s as if the guy digs to the very depths of his soul and lets out every ounce of passion that lies within him in his songs.

Though many might be grasped by Midgley’s heartfelt hooks and choruses, his verses are remarkably well written. He consistently spins enchanting tales that force a listener into a very keen submission.

In “Carrier Wave” (which could easily be a quite radio friendly piece with a bit more speed and professional production) he sings the words of a damn near Dear John letter to a distant lover. These days it’s tough for a song to truthfully be tear jerking, but Midgley comes close with this one.

“If I don’t call you know it’s not because,” he sings, “And if I say that I love you know that it’s not false / And if I seem distant know you can’t have done more / If I seem like I’m coping know it’s just because / You are my carrier.”

More to Come

Matt Midgley doesn’t quite yet have a wide array of music for us to delve into, but honestly, what we’ve seen is just enough.

He’s effortlessly matched uncomplicated melodies with memorable hooks and incredible vocals to create an astonishingly earnest sound that reaches far beyond your everyday indie guitarist.

Matt Midgley has a big future. Let’s just hope he gets there soon.