Two Cities One World Share Love And Music

In love, we hear that somewhere out there we all have a soulmate.  The same can be held true in music.  If we open our hearts to collaboration, beautiful musical relationships can be formed.  it seems like an amazing connection has been made in both love and music with our recent discovery Two Cities One World.

The duo of St. Louis-bred guitarist Jared Cattoor and Bulgarian-born singer/songwriter Anna Yanova has come together to provide the world with a soulful funk/jazz fusion that will melt hearts.  The individuals of Two Cities One World met while studying their craft at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.  They connected quickly both musically and romantically.  just as the group came together, they came together and were married in 2013.

This true spiritual connection can be heard within the music of Two Cities One World.  They combine a range of influences from Stevie Wonder to Michael Jackson.  This formed a sound that is all their own yet relatable enough to any lover of pretty pop music.

There is more to this than just love and music though.  It has been the defining mission of Two Cities One World to spread a positive message in their beautiful, rhythmically eclectic music.  Big believers in the importance of personal and spiritual development, Anna and Jared compose all their songs together, with much of their inspiration drawn from years of traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Their music has a way of making the world smaller as we are all a part of it.

The latest release by Two Cities One World is the full-length album Let The Whole World Disappear.  Through the 12 tracks, the group hits some beautiful elements in a variety of musical styles.  It opens with the bubbly and elegant “I See The Sun”.  There is some real emotion in the lyrics which they wrote during their travels in Europe about the intense longing they felt when they couldn’t reside in the same country for a few months due to Visa issues.  



We are treated to a funk fest on “Suga Daddy”.  The innovative electric piano and guitars bring the funk as Anna’s vocals bring a power to the track.  The chorus will beat around in your head for quite a while.  On “Footprints” Anna sings in her native Bulgarian but even if we can’t translate the words, we can feel the love and emotion.  

Two Cities One World show a softer side on “She’s A Beauty”.  The stripped down acoustic ballad truly highlights the beauty the duo is able to present in their music.  The rumor is that the song is about their beloved Bulgarian rescue dog.  The record closes with a more abstract love song in “In My Dream”.   The sultry vocals are the highlight as the latin tinged guitar sets the tone in the background.  More excellent songwriting that keeps the listener’s attention throughout the full record.

Hear the complete album on the Two Cities One World SOUNDCLOUD page.