4 Steps to Building Your Personal Music Brand

Music Brand

Building your brand as a musician is a key part to success. Every single person in the world is unique, so you might wonder what makes you special? 

The first thing to do is to figure out what is your passion. Do you have a special hidden talent? Once you’ll be clear about your passion, you will have to learn how to introduce yourself to the world. How you present yourself is key for making your audience love you. But people want to know what sets you apart from the crowd? 

Creating a visual identity for yourself – easy to say, but less easy to do. Creating a visual identity of yourself is quite overwhelming, as you have a lot to think about:

  • Website
  • Content
  • Social media
  • Headshots

However, you should keep it simple. It’s a golden rule still available, “less is more.” 

Creating your personal brand 

You can focus on creating your personal brand, or you can hire someone to do it for you. A visual identity involves a logo, website, and press materials. Make sure you discuss your passion with your designer, so he or she can include it into the overall look of your personal brand. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have enough cash to spend. You don’t need a degree in programming to create your personal brand.

There are many patterns available online, but ensure you stick to the elegant and modern fonts. Choose simple photos that look clear and professional. Don’t use too bright or too dark colors, as this will mess up the font. Don’t forget, less is more! Simple doesn’t mean boring. Think about your passion and be sure that it immediately giving people a clear idea of your visual identity. 

Define a target audience

Defining a target audience is one of the most important parts of being a musician. Do you feel like no one is listening to your songs whenever you post something on social media? There can be a number of reasons why this is happening. Have you ever thought about who is your target audience? Simply put: a business needs a customer, a musician needs fans. So, to build a target audience, one of the essential steps is to identify who are your fans. If music is what you do for a living, you’ll need to promote yourself more. 

One of the biggest mistakes that artists make is to try to appeal to everyone. You need to be very critical, yet mindful of who you are and what you are “selling”. You spent all this time to make great music, and now many people want to hear it, but it seems like it’s not appreciated enough. In fact, you’re always going to have people who will criticize and try to set you off. To save some quality time and money, you’ll need to exclude and ignore people who don’t appreciate you and your music. After all, if you focus on a specific community, you’re likely to find your real fans. 

Get inspired by artists you admire

Where do artists find inspiration? Finding motivation is part of an artist’s job. As a musician, you probably know how satisfying it is to share your emotions and experience with your fans. But this doesn’t happen every single time. If you’re waiting for the right moment to produce new projects, then you might have to wait for a long time. Learning how to remain positive and motivated as an artist is an important skill. It will help you increase your productivity and income, but also improve the quality of your work. Give yourself some time to learn how to stay motivated. But until then, here are some tips on how to remain positive:

  • Don’t do more than one thing a day – For example, building a music website is a big task. Break it into steps and get something done each day.
  • Remember what is your ultimate goal – Take a few minutes each day to reflect and look at where you are. 
  • If you want to be efficient, you’ll need to schedule the time for your songwriting sessions. It’s how you’ll remain efficient with your music.
  • Stay organized! It is a big aspect of remaining efficient. One way to keep everything in place is to make a list. Write down the things you need to get done as soon as possible so that you won’t forget something. You might need to immediately repair your stage backdrop, as some of the patches fell off. Don’t forget such important things and keep the quick fix tools available. Sugru glue from  https://sugru.com/ is a great thing to have in your toolbox before your next concert. 
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – most musicians have gone into a deep hole by discouraging and comparing themselves with others. You should learn how to enjoy your success and stop focusing on another artist’s success.
  • Get sleep – Sleeping is super important for 

Focus on all your social media accounts

Being a musician is tough. You’ve got a million things to do and not enough time to get them done. Staying in touch with your fans, promoting your latest songs, and even fighting for the attention of new fans. Since you are so busy, you need to find time to focus on your social media marketing. There are many ins and outs of social media for musicians: but why does it matter so much? 

Social media presence is undoubtedly the best method to grow your listeners.

Instagram just passed 1 billion active users and Facebook claims 2 billion daily active users. Now you may realize that your audience is likely linked to social media, no matter of your type. Optimizing your social media presence is a sign of professionalism. Having an original and well-organized profile lets your fans know that you care and respect them. 

With that being said, social media for musicians can be very important. The best thing is that you have a lot of creative ways of optimizing your profiles. But having a clean and enhanced profile is a top priority. 

The road to success can be tough. Define your goals, stick to your plan, and start playing your music. Be unique and soon you’ll have thousands of true fans.

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