7 Vinyl Records That Every Music Lover Should Own


Listening to music is indeed the most ethereal feeling one can ask for. It reduces stress and teleports you into an all-new paradigm of music. If you are an audiophile and just love the sound of analog music in your ears, you probably have a collection of vinyl records already. If you are one of those who are beginning to develop an interest in vinyl records and wish to start a collection, welcome to the surreal world of music. There is no better feeling than placing out your records and choosing from your favourite albums for a peaceful evening. Here is a short and sweet list of a few records that should be in every music lover’s collection.



Rumours – Fleetwood Mac


There is nothing better to begin with than a classic. Released in 1977, this album showcases back to back hit songs. Fleetwood Mac’s eleventh studio recorded album is still considered to be one of the bests after all these years with some remarkable classics like “Don’t stop”, “Go your own way” and “Dreams”. You might have a little hard time finding the record but it’ll totally be worth the search.



Hunky Dory – David Bowie


Bow down all Bowie fans, because no vinyl record fanatic would go on without having a David Bowie album in their collection. This was his fourth album which released in 1971 and includes some of the greatest from the visionary Bowie collection like “Life on Mars” and “Changes”. Nobody has to explain Bowie to anyone. The music will speak for itself.



Lazaretto – Jack White


Who said 20th century was the end to classic vinyl records? Music can never die and its soul resides in its analog counterpart, the vinyl record player. Unlike other modern music which uses computers to digitally record music, this one was recorded raw on the tape and that’s what will make you want to listen to it on vinyl specifically. It’s a perfect blend of the blues-rock with a pinch of hip-hop. Moreover, this track has set a record of most sales for on vinyl.



Thriller – Michael Jackson


It is highly unlikely that you people are going to stop listening to legendary albums. Ever! Michael Jackson’s Thriller makes it on the list on that very count. An album produced by Quincy Jones portrays utter perfection right from sound mixing to blending Eddie Van Halen’s beautiful solo. The launch of the album was announced in 1982 and being an MJ album, it shouldn’t be very hard to find. Experience the best in analog music with true musical instruments and an exquisite collection to your vinyl record set.



Blue Train – John Coltrane


Jazz lovers out there? Has to be, isn’t it? If you are audiophile and own a vinyl record player, it is undoubtedly clear that you are into Jazz because what else can take you through a storm through the calmness of a spring morning. This album by Coltrane and his band is a prime example of what perfect Jazz music on your vinyl player should sound like. The surreal addition of saxophone known as “Coltrane Changes” can be experienced in this album and it’ll just melt your heart right away into the sound of music.



My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West


For those who think no modern music can be heard on vinyl, Kanye West with his perfection has changed the perception with this album and it sounds like it was created just to be heard on a vinyl. This hip-hop album was released in 2010 and can be easily found. This definitely deserves a place in your collection.



Revolver – The Beatles


Can we even imagine a list of music without The Beatles being on it? You might think this was saving the best for the last because it indeed was. This album was released back in 1966 and was almost impossible to perform live on a stage. This shows the hard work and layering on the vinyl that it underwent to give you a perfect piece of music.


If you are expanding your collection or just thinking of starting a new one, these might be the right fit for you. No matter how much search, the hunt will never end and there always will be a new favourite along with melodious classics. 

Let us know in the comments of any other classics that you think we need to hear on vinyl.



     -guest post by Emily Johnson

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