Catch the Old Hollywood Glamour with 88 Palms

88 Palms

Drenched in the iridescent glimmer of classic Old Hollywood, 88 Palms’ “Hollywood Son” is sure to stop Lana Del Rey fans in their tracks-and for good reason.


Sunsets and “Hollywood Son”


A faint laugh dripping with synth welcomes you to a track that has as many functional attitudes of seduction and guitars as it can get. Reminiscent of an endless sunset, vocalist Ria Bouttier’s singing is rich on the five-minute ride. As the electric and bass do their thing, Bouttier winds up the first verse. We are then taken on a ride through the old roads with a new love by our side. To compare with summer pop hits that are rolling out, this one adds calm. No less intense, “Hollywood Son” is a great addition to the nights as they begin.



“My baby loves me as I put on a show,” is a lyric I can’t help but compare to Lana Del Rey. However, as Lana uses grandeur instrumentals and somber melodies, 88 Palms does something different. The way the synthesizers work in the song are to emphasize a cosmic feeling. You can picture the stars beginning to form against a red sky as Bouttier sings about catching them from the Hollywood bars. “California Dreaming” is not too far off in the depths of the groovy track.


Where 88 Palms fits into the narrative


“Hollywood Son” is one of those tracks your friends will ask about. Not because of the different approach to hazy summer hits. The way this song fits into the moment is because of the mystifying twinkle it adds to current indie pop. While different, there’s no denying the appeal of the way everything fits fluidly. From the vocals to the guitars, to the sticky, popping noise. This shining single from EP Love Safari is the perfect closer to any summer adventure.


A vibe as classic and refreshing as “Hollywood Son” is well needed. It’s easy to get lost in a trance without any music to boast. I can see this one as a hidden gem among favorites. Replay value doesn’t even have to be discussed; it’s laid out there over the course of five minutes. To put it blatantly, 88 Palms knows how to make a hit they’re own way. And the results are impeccable.

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