IBG Interview – 8 Questions with… The Ladd Franco Group

Ladd Franco Group

The pure joy of making music can create some of the best sounds. It doesn’t always have to be perfect but when heart and soul are put into a song it can be felt and heard. Our recent find The Ladd Franco Group does just that. They are currently the house band for the Robin’s Nest Rhythm and Blues Club – voted best Juke Joint in New Jersey. The way they improv and blend the old sounds with the new is gathering some attention. 

We caught up with the duo to get behind the music and learn how they do what they do. Enjoy the interview here:


With all the interesting monikers out there, what made you decide to go with The Ladd Franco Group?
Well, it’s an ode to the early twentieth century names of American groups without use of pseudonyms or mascots. Basically, it is our last names combined.


Your music is real and raw. How would you describe the sound?
Unfiltered (no effects); Straight No Chaser.


Which artists have been the biggest influence on your music?
Although we play American music we are literally products of the Mother Earth. Everything is inspiration. In the morning the record player could be spewing Charlie Bird Parker, by the afternoon could Johnny Guitar Watson, by night it could be Chopin.


We understand a lot of your songs are performed “on the fly.” How have you been able to mesh so well as a duo?
Friendship. Period.



How does a song come together for Ladd Franco Group? What is the writing process?
We always write and we always play and when we get together we manifest our ideas then harmonize them through rhythm. Our process of creating a song doesn’t have a concise algorithm.


What do you hope to make listeners feel with your music?
Anything really. Love, hate, remorse, compassion, sadness, jealousy, Holy.


What advice would you have for other artists in the scene?
Create with humility, stay humble. It takes will, persistence and patience. Just like it takes time to be made in the womb, it takes time for you to be made as an individual.


What is next for The Ladd Franco Group?


You can hear more on their BANDCAMP page.

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