According to Bazooka Shows us That ‘The Devil’s In The Details’

According to Bazooka

The amazing history of music has taken us to a great point in modern times. With the multitude of different genres formed through the years, current bands can select pieces of each sound to create something fresh yet still relatable to the music of the past. Our recent discovery According To Bazooka does just that with their warm and happy vibe of truly original sounding music.

The 4-piece from Davis, California is made up of Richard Urbino (vocals, guitar), René Martucci (vocals, accordion, keyboards), Jamie Knapp (harmony vocals, upright bass), and Don Johnston (drums.) Together as According To Bazooka they mix a wide variety of classic sounds from Americana to Zydeco to create their own genre that they call Retro-Pop. It is a fun style that is bound to put a smile on your face. Within their songs, the band is not afraid to dive into their personal experiences. We all go through these ups and downs making According To Bazooka a very relatable band.

Earlier this month According To Bazooka released their third studio album entitled The Devil’s In The Details. The 11-track ride takes the listener through the full gamut of their influences and welcomes them to a new sound to love. From the dark jazzy beginnings of “Just Another Breakup Song”, you know you are in for a journey. The female vocals here are magnificent with a silky tenor that draws the listener in.

The zydeco/Tejano inspired beat of “I’m The One” builds up a toe-tapping energy even with a relatively depressing lyric. The accordion takes its turn to lead the way here creating an interesting vibe that is truly unique. The band switches gears again with the heavy blues inspired “Lazy Walking”. Here, the male vocals sweep our ears with a tone that turns to melody in our ears.

According To Bazooka Takes Us In Multiple Directions All At Once

Probably the most classic rock sounding track in the invigorating “Ghost”. The guitars and keyboards combine for a backdrop full of sound to fill your speakers. Although the beat is different from previous songs it is just as catchy. Producer David Houston has done amazing work here.

As the record closes with the dark intro of “Low Resistance” the song soon shifts to a mesh of peppy piano, fancy guitar playing, and some accordion thrown in as well. The sounds take turns keeping the listener guessing where the track can go next. The mix of simplicity and expert playing is intoxicating demanding a full listen and even a few repeats.

You can dive into more news and music from According To Bazooka on their WEBSITE.

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