Casii Stephan Writes “Letters” on Relationship Woes

Casii Stephan releases new single and video

Soul/Indie musician Casii Stephan, with a hometown of Tulsa, releases her brand new single “Letters.” A new music video also accompanies the single. The song is honest and raw about the struggles faced in modern dating. Considering she is still somewhat new to the music world, it’s impressive that Stephan self-produced this track all on her own. She expresses that she wants authenticity and honesty; no tricks or filters or gimmicks. That’s exactly what she gives us in dropping this track. In fact, it’s no wonder she’s received numerous nominations for her incredible song writing, as well as the dynamics of her work.

The music video primarily focuses on a young Tulsa-based dancer, Dani Davis. The style and staging of the production is remnant to any number of Sia’s famous videos. The dancer is the main component and portrays the feelings of frustration and hurt, through her hard-hitting centered dancing, when someone isn’t meeting you halfway. There’s a general sense of settling across youths, just to maintain certain milestones in life. It creates a lot of unhappy lives and relationships. Stephan does an excellent job discussing the aftermath of that settling.

Letters“is the embodiment of the talent that originates from Tulsa, OK. While there were plenty of options to outsource the team to fulfill Stephan’s vision, she made a point to only use Tulsans for the project. It’s refreshing to see someone in the industry choosing to represent local talent, as opposed to out-sourcing. It’s easy to forget where you came from. There’s a conscious effort here to recognize that and help others out in a similar position. Once again, it goes back to Casii’s desire to be authentic and raw.

You can currently stream “Letters” on Spotify.

Finally, you can keep up with Casii Stephan through her website.

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