According To Bazooka Shows Their ‘Swanky’ Side


There will always be a magic when a group of musicians can come together and write songs. This works even better when the musicians truly enjoy eachothers company and creating music together. Our friends from According To Bazooka continue their magic with their upcoming fourth album Swanky.

The retro pop band blends in a wide variety of influences to produce a sound that is as fresh as it is vintage. An According To Bazooka album will provide everything from rock, folk, pop, blues, jazz, zydeco and more. Real Americana. Lead songwriter Richard Urbino brings the ideas to the table. Then the rest of the band steps in to add their own style to create the unique According To Bazooka sound. We covered previous album The Devil’s In The Details HERE.

This October sees the release of Swanky to add to the group’s impressive discography. The new 12 track album aims to talk about everyday life and experiences, thoughts and musings. As we open with “Memories of Summer” we are welcomed to the warm California sound of According To Bazooka. It definitely has that classic feel of joy and happiness of vintage AM radio. Layers upon layers wrap the listener up in that warm cozy blanket the song provides.

Enjoy the ‘Memories Of Summer’ with According To Bazooka

The accordion led “Bakersfield” has a fun and bouncy beat that welcomes heads bopping along. The lyrics are based on a true story and draw the listener in close to enjoy the journey. The title “Nothing Fancy” does not quite fit the song. It is an elegant Jazz influenced track that fits perfectly in an album called Swanky

The California 70’s influence can be heard on “All In Your Head.” Lush harmonies soar over an eclectic assortment of sounds. Somehow it all comes together in a beautiful way. Another switch comes along in “Better Safe Than Sorry.” Some bluesy guitar pairs with a groovy beat that winds us up before some Vox organ and Theremin are thrown in to keep us guessing.

The record closes with more excitement on “Mystery Man.” All the instruments share in the catchy melody. Prepare to find yourself slapping along on your knee.

We will continue to keep up with According To Bazooka and suggest you do the same HERE.

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