Alko. Helps you Unwind With ‘Out of Sight’


I’m going to start off by saying that Alko. has definitely got one of the absolute best album covers that I’ve seen as of yet. Besides the fact that it’s extremely eye-catching, the colors seem to complement each other quite well. Of course, we’re not here to review the album cover, we’re here to talk about the music.

From this artist’s SoundCloud page, he describes himself as a “rapper/producer/aspiring philanthropist.” Listening to his single “Out of Sight” really highlights his talent as an up and coming rapper. With the likes of Mac Miller, G Eazy, and Childish Gambino, I’d have to say that there are a few similarities between these artists. However, this Toronto artist really seems to deliver the good vibes that he’s all about.

Alko. Gives off Some Good Vibes

The track “Out of Sight” starts off with a slight piano number that fades into an entrancing beat that immediately pulls you into the vocals. The subtle sound that comes from your speakers when listening to this track really puts your mind at ease and gives you that feel-good vibe that you’ve been needing after a long day of work. (Maybe that’s just me.) The beat here is pretty consistent, but it never seems to become dull or repetitive.

The vocals match quite well with the softness of the implementation of the piano here, which makes this a really good track to listen to late at night or when you’re trying to get some work done. The flow of his lyrics is perfect and overall this is a really enjoyable listening experience here. By the time the song is over, you’re left wanting more, which means you’ll just have to dive right into the other tracks on his SoundCloud page.

It’s hard to listen to “Out of Sight” and not expect Alko. to quite possibly become the next big thing, producing good vibe tracks that no one could ever get tired of.

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