Tess & Dave self titled EP brings 70s vibes back

tess & dave

An unexpected duo brings forward a familiar sound. Get ready to be entranced by a smooth ’70s vibe in the self titled EP by Tess & Dave.

Artists’ bringing back the sound of decades ago can be a challenge. A musician must reflect the music of the time while injecting their individual talent and emotion. They must be careful not to copy, but be inspired, and Tess & Dave do just that.

Tess & Dave Aren’t One Without the Other

Before Tess & Dave there was Tess Shapiro and David Vandervelde, both individual artists who worked in the industry for some time before their path’s crossed. The moment Dave saw Tess perform, he knew he had to start a band with her. Dave had previous experience writing and recording music for years, and Tess was a self taught artist with a wide range of talent. Working together allowed each artist to try new things and experience new music unimaginable without the other. The duo ended up with an EP that is transcendental, experimental, promoting nothing but good vibes.

The lyrics on the EP reflect those of love, self realization, heartbreak, and acceptance. “Social Chess” starts out as somber song about relationship woes but, like every good ’70s inspired jam, it moves onto something happy free. This, like many of their songs, gives the listener no reason to stay sad about heartbreak. This album gives a great outlook on life. Maybe things should be seen in more colorful ways. I love the way “Take a dip in my dreams” begins, the sounds of a cathedral is an amazing backdrop to Tess’s ethereal voice. This is definitely one of the more psychedelic sounds on this EP but it’s an interesting listen.

Some people may not be too fond of ’70s psychedelic inspiration, but this EP is just the beginning for Tess & Dave. Their debut LP — an album recorded on the beach, imagine the possibilities! — will be coming out in 2017. Their music, bringing something different and familiar at the same time, is sure to evolve.

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