AMFM Get Candid in Debut EP


There’s no denying it’s been an incredible summer for music. We’ve gotten some of the liveliest releases and the best new bands to add to our Spotify playlist. New artists just keep coming out of the woodwork and dropping some of the most sensational singles. AMFM and their debut self-titled EP being no exception.This Brooklyn-based indie band is giving us a little taste of what they’re about and it’s nothing short of amazing.

AMFM, out on August 26, gives it all to you. AMFM sings you a song on everything from love to needing to run away, all packed in their 4-song introduction. With brooding lyrics and a backing to match, AMFM is your indie dream.

AMFM Creates with a Spark

With influences like Arcade Fire and collective backgrounds in rock, country, jazz, and electronica, there’s no denying AMFM is virtuosic. They produce not only all the necessary chords and ballads to be a perfect indie storm, but also a raw quality that distances themselves from their indie rock predecessors in the best way.

Take their single “Broom” for example. AMFM gives us a very classic rock-esque start but forms it into something sensational. In between honest lyrics like “Love isn’t free / it’s wearing on me” and lead singer David Caruso’s rich vocals we get a taste of the group’s style. It’s incredible not only because of how enjoyable it is, but also because of how well they show off their unique style within seconds.

AMFM has something special coursing through it’s beats. In between Caruso’s smooth falsetto and catchy guitar riffs, AMFM puts in their own special spark. Every song has this contagious calming energy (and a shout out to Memphis and Elvis, which I’m terribly partial to) that you can’t really help but enjoy.

Not to mention they just know what’s working for them. While this is their debut they’ve been around and they know what they want to sound like. They’re purposeful. They know what they’re doing, and there’s no way they can’t know they’re doing it well. Really, this debut EP is nothing short of success.

With an introduction like this self-titled debut, it only gets me more stoked to see what else they have up their sleeve.

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