Jonathan Burkett Has A Crush On You

Jonathan Burkett

When we find an artist that is truly real and pours his heart into his music we keep an ear on what is next.  We all know the path of an independent musician is not an easy one  and it will be filled with twists and turns.  There must be a passion for your art to navigate this journey.  Our friend Jonathan Burkett is developing every day and hitting his stride.

Fans Are Flocking To Jonathan Burkett

The hip-hop artist from Miramar, Florida is known for putting his everyday life into his rap.  Jonathan Burkett graced the pages of Indie Band Guru about six months ago with his single “Taking Numbers”.  Go back HERE.  He continues to connect with his fans by writing relatable songs that they can feel like they are a part of.  These fans have jumped on the bandwagon to help him succeed. Whether it pushing up his play counts or sharing the songs with their friends, Jonathan Burkett is honestly grateful and wants to give more of himself in new music.  Keep supporting those that respect it. 



The newest track by Jonathan Burkett is titled “Crush On You”.  The rapper holds back no punches as he tells it like it is.  The thoughts that enter his mind about the beauty on the dance floor are put right into the lyrics.  The beat on this one has a little latin flair to it.  This turns up the danceability as you let yourself bop along to the beat.  Jonathan brings in the smooth flow of Tha Leerix to add an even sexier tone to the song.  The hook is very catchy and will be bouncing around in your head for a while after the track comes to a close.  

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