Amy and The Calamities

Taken from her stunning EP The Suspects, Amy and the Calamities (aka Amy Wawn) returns with the new single and video for “Bless”. This song was inspired by friends and memories of back home in Zimbabwe while she was living in London.

From the start, the listener is gently drawn in by Wawn’s mesmerising guitar intro. Then Georgina Leach joins in with her beautiful use of the violin. Together they create a captivating Americana sound that is difficult to resist. Then the story begins with the opening lines “I’ll leave this here as I go / I’ll leave it somewhere that I know you’ll find it  / Cos oh how I’ll miss ya so / Oh how I’ll miss you so”.

As the song continues, more of her lyrical talents are showcased. Especially with the memorable lines “And honey sometimes I can’t believe / All of the things that we’ve seen together / Cos we’ve been through hell and ecstasy / Living out our most ridiculous dreams”. Such a great way to describe being in a relationship with that special someone.

The new video for ‘Bless’ continues to show off the storytelling qualities by Amy and The Calamities

As much as Wawn’s warm and honest vocal style impresses, it is the combination of guitar and violin that stand out the most. From start to finish, these two musicians dance together to create a memorable soundtrack. Nothing shows this off more than when the song comes to a close. This instrumental moment is a delight on the ears.

Accompanying the single “Bless” is a stunning video. It sees her reunite with friends Kalai Faye Barlow and Richard Watson (who worked together on her video for “No Advice”). They headed off with a small crew to Wawn’s hometown, Bulawayo, to create a story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. They added a steam-punk twist to create a great visual and audio experience.

As mentioned earlier, “Bless” is taken from Amy and the Calamities stunning EP The Suspects. It shows off her songwriting talents, including a more bluesy side and you can read its review HERE.

But, to get a real grasp of how good she sounds, it needs to be heard live. She is currently performing back home in Zimbabwe. But, she will be returning to London in the summer (for gigs including opening for  Todd Day Wait’s at the Green Note in Camden on June 27th). There are further shows planned for Berlin later in the year. Keep an eye on her social media sites to find out more about her upcoming schedule.

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