Eddie Arjun Is On A New Path With ‘Transition’


There may be nothing better to sit back and enjoy by yourself than some quality instrumental guitar-led Jazz Rock. For me, it allows my mind to center around something that is truly beautiful, if it is done right. There were no worries in my mind when the latest release Transition by Eddie Arjun was sent my way.

The three-piece instrumental band from New York, has been trailblazing their own hybrid of rock and improvisational jazz since 2003. Indie Band Guru has been in the know for a while now covering ARJUN since 2013 (when my writing was crap, lol) all the way up to thier last album GRAVITY. The elegant yet rocking sound the band produces always impresses me. IBG is not alone in comparing Eddie Arjun’s musicianship to such legends as Charlie Hunter, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.

The newest album Transition released last month continues this amazing musical journey with 8 more songs of beautifully mastered instrumental excellence. Give yourself some alone time and get ready to dive into a full sonic experience.

Right from the opener “There It Is,” the super catchy guitar melodies will have you. The way Eddie Arjun works together as a band to create such a full sonic landscape will have your head bopping along in no time. The rhythm section on the title track “Transition” pumps the energy into the song allowing Eddie Arjun to fully explore his talents on lead guitar. He takes us in amazing directions while returning to a chugging chorus every now and then to keep us all grounded.

Eddie Arjun Takes Us On A Full Journey With ‘Transition’

The Blues influences are shared on “Longass” with guitar and bass pairing perfectly to create the intended emotions. Even without lyrics, an image was crafted in my mind of a story of suffering and eventual redemption. Only great instrumental music can do that. Bass leads the way on an epic intro to “Lavalust”. By the time the full band joins in your body will already be grooving to the music.

The album closes with the 7 and a half minute “Gone”. Here Eddie Arjun slows it down a little allowing our minds, and heartbeat, to return to a relaxed state. Truly an epic album journey for anyone that can appreciate great instrumental work. Please give yourself this gift and dive into the story and music HERE.

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