ARJUN Perfectly Embodies Jazz Rock in ‘Gravity’


I can’t be the only one in the world who hears “groove jam rock” and expects something extremely intense to hit my ear drums, can I? No? Didn’t think so. So when I started listening to the new album from New York-based group ARJUN called Gravity, I was immediately impressed.

This trio isn’t quite new to the game, having been putting out music since 2003. This being their fourth album since they got their start 13 years ago, I had quite high expectations. Reading their bio and seeing them described as “a delicate balance of intricately crafted melodies backed by powerhouse musicianship,” I set the bar even higher.

ARJUN Offers Brand New Feel Good Sounds

When I started listening to the album, my expectations were not only met, they were exceeded. The first track “Prince” starts off somewhat delicately and melodically and, as the drums begin, the intensity builds.

The consistent rhythm of this track serves as a welcome mat that sets precedence for the remaining tracks that will grace your senses. I’d have to say that the bass in this particularly blew me away. I started dancing about 2 minutes into the track — it’s definitely something to put you in a feel-good kind of mood.

Moving on, you’ll hear “Flutter” which is only 21 seconds in length, but quite intense. Just a warning, if you have your headphones way up after hearing “Prince” you might get a bit of a jump scare there!

The third track, “Run,” featuring Jeff Coffin, has a more sexy sound than the first track. There’s something about it that makes you think of Miami Vice or the sunset strip at night. Definitely extremely catchy and a good tune to dance to.

The sixth track, “Endless Again” starts off with some pretty sweet bass playing and features more of a jazz sound than the tracks previous. There seems to be a bit of maraca action going on in this one as well, making for a very Caribbean sound that will take you to a tropical paradise.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with every track from this album. There’s nothing that I felt was too repetitive or missing in any way. Kudos to ARJUN for the great sounds.

Experience Gravity for yourself today.

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