Reina Mora – Childhood Influences Current Music

Reina Mora

We are all exposed to music at a young age.  These songs, that we often have no choice over, become the basis for our musical influences and can shape any artist’s development.  A talented musician and songwriter is able to take these influences and turn them into something new and fresh that fits the modern music scene.  A great example is our recent find Reina Mora.

The project is the musical brainchild of a singer-songwriter Leeane Melendez.  She originally hails from Puerto Rico but currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  The Reina Mora sound is heavily rooted in the music of Leeane’s childhood and the Plena, Baladas, and Salsa genres that were staples of her upbringing.  To stay true to these roots, Reina Mora insists that all instruments are played live giving her that real and organic sound that she holds dear.  



Currently, Reina Mora is in the studio completing her EP Bird’s Eye View with talented producer Omer Avni from Riotvan Productions.  The lead single off the record is “Brighter Sky”.  The mellow song is pushed forward by a melodic bass line that draws attention.  Reina Mora’s vocals have a warmth to them that invite the listener into the story as she tells it.  The Hispanic sounds are a big part of the sound with horns and big drum beats bringing back memories of beach vacations.  The relaxed feeling that comes over you will last quite a while.  

We are interested to hear more Reina Mora music soon.  Dive in for yourself HERE.

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