J Knight – Buffalo Pride In The Alt-Rock Scene

J Knight

If we stay in one place long enough we develop a pride in that place.  This hometown pride can be a powerful thing when you are out there supporting the community.  This same community will support you in your endeavors if you stay true to what you share with them.  Our recent find J Knight is the epitome of this.

The alt-rock singer-songwriter was born, raised, and still resides in Buffalo, New York.  The cold winters there create a tight community that sticks together and supports each other.  This includes being a big fan of his hometown teams, the Buffalo Bills and Sabres.  Musically, it all began for J Knight when he was 10 years old and his father gave him his 1970’s Conrad electric guitar.  His mom was another great influence as she was a talented choir singer in her day that had the chance to tour Europe.  On the mainstream side, J Knight claims musical influence from the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana.  Quite different bedfellows but one thing they all have in common is the ability to write a song that will stay in your head.  The songwriting of J Knight aims to do the same thing with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

J Knight Truly Lives For The Memories



The latest offering from J Knight is “Living For The Memories (Here And Now)”.  The alternative rock energy jumps out at you right away with a grinding guitar line that pushes the song forward.  The lyrics are performed with a real power as well as J Knight hits the listener with true emotions.  There are some scattered guitar solos that show how talented this musician really is.  It looks like he has the total package and we look forward to hearing more soon.

Keep up with him for yourself HERE.   

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