Hannah Trigwell Crowd-Funding ‘Another Beautiful Mistake’ Video

Hannah Trigwell

If some people are just meant for the limelight, then Hannah Trigwell is one of them.

As a self taught singer-songwriter out of the UK, Trigwell has earned the right to claim international fame and respect. Since her first steps into the music industry via Youtube, she has amassed over 80 million views and multiple top ten international singles.

Trigwell sings cheerfully, using every word as a tool through which she can encourage and uplift any and everyone who listens. She’s got a nice, airy voice that always seems to bring an all-new sense of life to every track she’s done so far.

At the moment, Trigwell has a Pledgemusic campaign crowd-funding the production of a music video for her latest single, “Another Beautiful Mistake.” While she does already have a strong foundation in love and support from her fans at home, it never hurts to help the cause. Plus, she’s put together some really awesome rewards for everyone willing to pledge.

Headed For The Headlines

Trigwell has chosen a lane and has been running with it at God’s speed. She never really sounds quite the same, but is always sure to stay within the realm of modern pop music. The music behind her voice is as vibrant as it is synthesized, allowing for an altogether upbeat feel to nearly every song.

“Tightrope,”  a well received love song from her most recent EP, Rectify, is an excellent example of the bubbly nature that has become characteristic of her style.

Though oftentimes overlooked, an artist’s lyricism can always take their talents to the next level. Hannah Trigwell never fails to write extremely catchy hooks and choruses, and is always sure to follow them with strong verses.

Feel free to check out more songs like this and the entire Rectify EP on her Soundcloud.

Hannah Trigwell Givin’ It Her All

While still in college pursuing a degree in Biology, Hannah Trigwell was able to gain such recognition that she was awarded “Best Unsigned Artist” and also introduced as the “The Peoples Popstar” on television.

Simply put, you just never know. When it comes to an artist with this much talent and such a knack for the billboards, any song could be the next big hit.

Hannah Trigwell is the real deal.

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