Toro Y Moi Experiments with Sound and Format in ‘Live from Trona’

Toro y Moi

Full albums and accompanying visuals continue to trend in all types of music. Alternative artist Toro y Moi is releasing his fifth album with a concert movie to go along with it. Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi and his live band filmed and recorded Live From Trona in California’s Mojave Desert. It resulted in his 13-track album featuring live versions of songs from across Toro Y Moi’s acclaimed catalog. Carpark Records will release Live From Trona digitally tomorrow, August 5, and in physical format as a limited edition pink vinyl double LP on November 4.

No Labels, No Problem

What I love about this artist is his chameleon efforts in music. Toro y Moi does not limit his music to one sound.

His previous albums have had hip-hop influence and indie rock influence. In Live from Trona, Toro y Moi goes for a more chill wave rock sound. He wouldn’t be Toro y Moi if he didn’t stray from the overall theme and throw in some surprises to mix things up, touches of reggae and funk here.

Bundick’s style and the range of sounds he and his band can play is so spectacular, you think they switch instruments every time. But it’s the same instruments on a different level and really shows the diversity musical instruments can produce.

Toro y Moi is Hitting Our Senses

“Grown Up Calls” is one of the songs where I first hear the Caribbean vibe in this album. Here, Toro y Moi really brings the bongo drums front and center to the beat of the song. “Grown Up Calls”  is a longer song passing the normal three to four minute length. But I believe this track is really is meant to create a “vibe” around you.

“Lilly” throws you a loop and sends you straight to a funky beat. In this track you can really hear the indie and classic rock influences. As the song continues, it drops you into ’70s psychedelic rock, very Across the Universe soundtrack worthy. Even the theme of lyrics come across very ’70s: you are like me and I am like you.

Live From Trona gives you an interesting visual to go along with the diverse album. The band is placed in the center of the Mojave Desert and the camera circles the band, giving you a 360 view of each band member and instrument important in the creation of the album. Vimeo filmmaker Harry Israelson captured the entire recording process and directed the documentary, so the viewer gets both a visual album and a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process.

As the sun sets behind the band and expansive landscape, the supernatural setting weaves together 13 psychedelic tracks. Live From Trona offers viewers a surreal concert experience, placing them front row at a private Toro Y Moi show in the middle of a desert.

Toro Y Moi is experimental in his music and his brand, something the music world needs more of. He is breaking barriers, testing his own sound and giving his viewers new and creative experiences like Live From Trona.

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