ARA the Architect – Creating Originality All By Herself

ARA the Architect

Much of the recent trend in music has been to have a bunch of hands involved in creating a polished finished product. This often results in a song losing a lot of its raw emotion and the real feel that the original songwriter intended.  On the other hand with the home based computer technology available today a talented artist can now take full control and do everything for him or herself.  This is the path that ARA the Architect has chosen.

The true lover of music has been involved in it for her whole life.  After soaking up years of sounds ARA the Architect has recently discovered an affinity for producing electronic music.  Her style is quite different as it experiments with different tones and melodies that build a full listening experience.  Thinking that it would be hard for someone to see her musical vision ARA acts as the sole producer, singer, instrumentalist, sound designer, mixer, and masterer.  Everything you hear came directly from her mind.



The first track to really hit the airwaves is “Dirty Money”.  It is quite an elegant and yet extic song.  It begins minimally with heartfelt vocals and and some guitar strummings but quickly builds into a full wall of sound with some jarring sounds coming at the listener from every angle possible.  The vocals keep the overall vibe as one of beauty and cacophony.  ARA the Architect seems to have found a way to do it all within one song.  

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