Jocelyn & Chris Arndt Show Versatility in “Edges”


I’ll have to admit, although the Indie genre has been on the rise lately, it seems as though it is being changed drastically along the way. Florence and the Machine is probably the earliest example of Indie that I can personally remember, and it seems as though the following artists being dubbed as “Indie rock/alternative artists” have strayed away drastically.

With that being said, listening to the new LP Edges from brother/sister duo Jocelyn & Chris Arndt was such a breath of fresh air to me. Nostalgia started to kick in as soon as I hit the play button. The pair, who currently call Cambridge, Massachusetts (and Harvard University) their home, has gained a lot of momentum since their start in the music industry.

Arndt Siblings Musical Prodigies

Going from practicing on the piano as kids to performing at SXSW this year, you can say that the Arndts have started to get their big break. Throw in the fact that they’re 21 and 19 respectively, and it’s hard to deny that these two have talent and drive running through their very blood.

Edges was released earlier this month and features soulful vocals and tantalizing guitar numbers. The first track from the album, “Shame,” sets the bar pretty high. There’s a subtle hint of bitterness in Jocelyn’s voice as she sings about her former lover. Pairing that with frequent changes in tempo (that go along beautifully with the vocals, might I add) makes this one a great start to the album.

“Too Much To Me” is the second track from the LP, and starts off just as intense as the first song. I’m getting a very similar feeling to a Miranda Lambert song with this one, but I’ve got to say that the vocals on this one are much more intense than anything I’ve heard Lambert come out with. Listening to this one, you’d think that Jocelyn Arndt had the experience of someone twice her age. Impressive to say the least, it’s a complete change from “Shame” and keeps you wondering just what the next track will sound like.

“More Than I Say I Do” is one of the most tear-jerking songs on the entire album, and it will give you shivers. I almost guarantee that. A beautiful piano melody blends so well with the soft yet sultry sound that graces your ears, it’s almost impossible to stop listening. You can feel every ounce of emotion that’s put into this one, and it’s almost overwhelming at times. Before I end up needing tissues, I’m gonna move on to the next track.

If I keep going the way I am, you’re going to have an entire essay by the time that this review is done. There is nothing at all repetitive about any of these songs, so each one could have their very own unique description behind them. To save you all of that time (and not give too much away… you need to hear this album on your own) I’m going to move on to the final track, “Here To Stay.”

Once again, this track sounds absolutely nothing like the others. I’m imagining a local bar scene back in the 1980s with this one. The collaboration of the instrumental numbers as well as Jocelyn’s always amazing vocal abilities makes this one by far the most sultry track on the entire album, but still manages to maintain that Indie feel that we’re all here for. Needless to say, I’m going to have to purchase this album once I’m finished writing this.

Get a taste of Jocelyn & Chris Arndt‘s incredible versatility for yourself.

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