Artour Asatyran -Putting Emotion Into Dance Pop

Some people think that electronic music is just a mixing sounds together to make beats that will get listeners to move their body.  But to the people that pour their heart and soul into the genre there is much more to be told.  Our new find Artour Asatyran is a good example of this.

The artist from Los Angeles, California aims for more with his songs.  Artour Asatyran combines the beats with meaning.  He is motivated by the haters that try to rain on dreams.  In his words “Not only in music, but in life, I believe you should do what makes you happy.”  Artour Asatyran has a little rebellious streak in him but it is for the better of everyone to strive for their goals no matter what.  

Artour Asatyran

Back at the start of this year Asatyran released his EP For The Crown.  The 6 song record shows some diversity and real emotion throughout.  The opener “It Is What It Is” has a mellow vibe that lets the focus be on the lyrics of a man who will support those he loves that need it.  “Ready To Go” heads more into dance floor territory with an imaginative beat that seems to take the listener on an odyssey.  The vocals get a little cluttered at times but there is meaning behind them.  The production of the beats on “The Beat (Does Love Me)” is impressive as the sounds seem to go in different directions keeping you guessing.  Again there needs to be a couple more production touches on the vocals to make them fit right though.  The closer “Take You There” may be the highlight.  There are two Breno remixes that show how the song can go in different style and still stay pretty and energetic.  This is the single that needs to get out there for Artour Asatyran.  

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