Aryak Truly is ‘A Rock Star’


Once the joy of creating music creeps into an artist’s mind, it is known to stay there. Things can get in the way of the time to pursue that joy but it will remain. Finally when the free time arises that music will flow. This can be later in life but then we also have an abundance of experiences to share in our new music. Our friend Aryak, had the chance to release his EP On Top Of The World last year is already back with more new music for us to enjoy. 

Now in the third act of his life, the artist raised in Northern Finland has found his new happiness in music. Aryak has poured his time and energy into the new technology available to make music professionally and quickly. This quick turnaround has led to the release of his new single “A Rock Star.”

Like many great artists, Aryak hopes the listener will take the song in and let it manifest whatever meanings and feelings the listener needs at that time. For me, I sense the positivity that we will all reach our happiness and true purpose “at the end of the day” as the lyrics say. 

The positive vibe of the track is obvious as it puts a smile on the listeners face. There are definitely some influences from the sounds of the past. From the straight up pop melody of the Beatles to the electric guitar tone of 80’s new wave artists such as The Cure or even some David Bowie mixed in there. This lifetime of influences comes together perfectly on “A Rock Star”.

The cool single artwork also caught my attention. Aryak is literally the Rock Star. I have come to learn that the songwriter called in the artistic talents of his daughter for the cover. There seems to be a lot of Art brewing in this family and we hope to see it continue.

Follow more of where this journey will go on the social channels of Aryak.

IG: Aryaktheband

Twitter: @Aryaktheband

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