We Got The ‘Bubblegum’ Out Of Dirtylaundry


As musicians we will constantly be adapting and adjusting to situations that arise around us. This past year has been one of the most difficult ever for performing artists but there is no quit when music is passion. One such band is our recent discovery Dirtylaundry.

The Worcester, Massachusetts-based band has been a staple of the local dive bar and house show scene since 2016. Made up of Owen Foster(lead guitar), DANNY T (bass), Garret Moore (drums), and Shane O’Dwyer (vocals and guitar) the band offers a sound that is based in punk but explores all over the alternative music map, even exploring pop overtones in their newest output. This has helped Dirtylaundry secure deep connections with their fans. They are very in tune with how their musical heroes influenced them, and they hope to continue that trend by influencing others.

The newest track by Dirtylaundry is the cross genre banger “Bubblegum.” The angst is still there but mixed with a sugary bubblegum pop sound underneath. This makes for a track that keeps the listener engaged to see where it will take us. The vocals of Shane O’Dwyer drip with emotion as he pushes the limit of his voice entertaining all sides of the genre spectrum. 

Dirtylaundry looks like a band that will come out of the current worldwide pandemic stronger than ever. Just let them on a stage and enjoy the show.

Keep up with the band on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

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