Astra the 22’s Release Rocking New Single “Paris Love”

astra the 22's
Formed three years after Kerry Kaleja and Eric Jayk first met in 2011, the Latvia-born, Brooklyn-based duo Astra the 22’s are taking the indie glam rock world by storm.
“Paris Love” is an angsty track with heavy guitars, driving drums, and distorted vocals that will get you up and singing at the top of your lungs. A reverb-heavy guitar places you in the song’s world, gently gliding around until the beat comes in and takes you into the world of dangerous, addicting love. “You’re my bad habit,” Kaleja snarls in the chorus. “I don’t want to quit.” With a catty attitude and biting vocals, you can practically feel the need she has for her lover.

While there is no solid definition for a “Paris love,” we can assume it’s a toxic relationship with somebody you just can’t get enough of.  In the choruses, Kaleja’s voice soars through the higher register, staying just as strong and intense as she claims to her lover “I’ll run around the world, I’ll run to you” through the bridge. After all, if your world revolves around keeping the flame alive, you’ve “got nothing else to lose,” she sings, her voice low and husky throughout the verses. It’s a strong debut track from the upcoming EP.

Astra the 22’s New Single “Paris Love” Will Have You Head-banging

The follow-up to 2014’s EP Blue Venom, the Paris Love EP explores sex, narcissism, love, art, and  war on a global and personal level. If the title track is any indicator of what’s to come, we can’t wait to hear even more headbangers from the upcoming record.
You can find and stream Paris Love on their SoundCloud. Keep up to date with Astra the 22’s on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as they are currently in the midst of scheduling more tour dates.

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