Atoms To Ashes Share A Message Of Support With ‘Back To You’

Atoms to Ashes

Atoms to Ashes Chris Starr (vocals, guitar), Shawn Oliver (bass) and Pierre-Luc Langelier (drums) return with their latest single, “Back To You.” Frontman Starr is proud of the work they do, especially as an independent band. He says, “As an independent/unsigned band in 2021, building everything from the ground up is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task. It can often be incredibly stressful, but it’s also rewarding when you see it all take shape”.

One of the most rewarding elements for the band are their fans (which they name Ashers). They understand how important they are for what they do. “Back To You” is a song with a message to help their fans and other listeners. They say, “we want to empower people to step away not only from toxic relationships. But also from anything that’s not right for them. No matter what people may think or say, only YOU know what’s best for you. You are the main character of this story we call LIFE, and only YOU can decide the type of life you want to create for yourself”.

As soon as you press play, the listener will notice it is a different song from their previous track, “Break the Silence”. They have taken their foot off the throttle and offered something with more emotion. Doing so gives their message more impact and purpose. It can be heard from the opening lines, “There’s nothing here / And that’s all I take away / In truth I fear there’s nothing more for me”. 

The band take a step back during the song to let Starr’s vocals share their message. They are subtly effective in providing a backdrop to add more emotion to support their words. It is a combination that stands out when Starr delivers the words, “No matter where this came from / No matter what you do or say it’s gone / No matter what I’ll stay strong / There’s nothing I can say wrong / I can’t wait / I can’t wait”. 

Lyrically, this rock band have always impressed, especially in how they create catchy hooks.  “Back To You” is no exception as the guys deliver another chorus to make the listener singalong. Starr powers out his voice with the lines, “What was I supposed to do”.  The trio matches the tone with their chosen instruments. You can feel how they want their words to empower the listener. It is reflected in the delivery of their words, “What was I supposed to do / Wait around for you / No I can’t go on / Thinking you’ll pull through”. It is the final piece of what makes this song an outstanding track from Atoms to Ashes.

Atoms to Ashes show off their songwriting talents as they go deep with their new single ‘Back To You’

“Back To You” is an outstanding track from Atoms to Ashes. It is another example of what to expect from their upcoming EP Blackburn. The guys are excited to get their new collections of songs out into the world. So much so, they promise their online album launch show in September will be a rock party not to be missed. 

The guys are also busy working on a few collaboration projects, including one with rapper/hip hop artist Sick Steen. If that is not enough, they plan a 10-year celebration for their debut single “Heartless”. Atoms to Ashes is hitting 2021 like a runaway train to ensure it is their best year yet!

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