Bains Exploring Himself Through Hip Hop


Creating music will always be about discovering yourself and the sounds inside you.  This is a continuing journey that never stops from the time you first put pen to paper or strum a guitar.  Time, practice and experimentation will build the skills needed to find the sound that is truly all your own.  Our recent find Bains is taking this journey now and enjoying every step along the way.  

The hip hop artist hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Although relatively new to the game, it is abundantly obvious that he pours his heart and soul into his music.  Bains works every aspect acting as his own producer as well.  

Bains The Run

He is well aware of the evolving journey his music will take and is currently in a phase of development experimenting with different vocal styles and ranges to see what fits him best.  Being original will set him apart from the masses of hip hop artists just trying to copy what is hot at the time.  A career will not last long chasing trends.  Bains intends to make his own.

Bains Is Blazing His Own Path

Last week saw the release of his self-titled debut record, the Bains EP.  The 6 track record is a testament to his experimentation as different styles are provided for the listener to choose his own poison.  



The track that stood out to this reviewer was “The Run”.  The smooth beat creates a relaxing vibe with its interesting sonic tones and exotic sounds.  The flow of Bains draws you into the lyrics as effects play with the vocal tone keeping you guessing.  There are multiple experiments within just this one track that show an artist on the rise to real original success.

Keep an eye and ear on Bains on his SOUNDCLOUD page.

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