The Band of Rascals are Back and Kicking Up a Storm

Band of Rascals

2014 saw the Band of Rascals unleash their music onto the world with their debut self-titled release. With it, they showed that their style of foot-stompin’ blues rock was here and we needed to pay attention. It is filled with so many amazing tracks with “The Key” and “Held in Thought (Not by You)” getting most of the attention. Now the guys have returned with a new collection of songs in the shape of the EP Tempest.

The few years between each release has seen Sam Trainor (vocals), Malcolm Owen-Flood (guitar), Sean Marcy (bass) and Marcus Manhas (drums) grow as a band. This has also seen their sound develop and, some may say, mature. This can be heard throughout the new EP.

The opening track “Holler” showcases that cool bluesy sound that fans have come to expect. This was chosen as the lead single and when you hear it, you can understand why. This and “Seas Coming Down” have their infectious foot stomping blues that would bring the house down when performed live.

What makes this release differ from their debut is tracks like “Little Longer Now” and “Altitude”. These step away from their bluesy foundation and show that this band is no one-trick pony. The listener experiences a new edgy indie rock sound with Sam’s vocals matching this new direction.

‘The second EP or album can be a challenge for most bands. Tempest shows that the Band of Rascals fear nothing and deliver something special’.

These changes do not end there as they continue to show that they are willing to mix up their sound. “Fell into the Love of You” sees an acoustic driven offering with folk elements. You also hear some gentle vocals from Trainor, including nice harmonies from the rest of the guys. On the other end of the spectrum, “Control” gives you some dirty rock filled with fuzzy guitar riffs and thunderous drums. Both of these tracks show that this band is fearless to broaden their musical horizons with their songwriting and give their fans something new.

Do yourself a favor and head over to While you are there, you can also find information about upcoming shows as well as links to their social media pages.

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