Enter the World of Egrets On Ergot with ‘Sister Please’ Video

Egrets On Ergot
-photo by Jessica Monscrief

Music videos are another level the creative process in the world of music. As if writing, recording, and producing a song wasn’t enough of a creative process, producing a music video that follows the same vision of the track adds another level to getting inside of an artists head.


With Egrets On Ergot’s latest video for “Sister Please,” you can truly see their thoughts.


The moody, black and white music video shows the true artistic vision that Egrets On Ergot has in their latest LP Surfeit of Gemütlich on Cleopatra Records


Their sound is unlike anything else out there currently. In a world filled with watered down pop, their punk blitzkrieg brings out a whole new sound of music. The gothy art-punk style has a funky rhythmic wave that sucks you in to their own world.


A rumbling bass line layered under haunting saxophone riffs brings a general unsettling feeling across the entirety of “Sister Please”. The lyrical angst tops off the track between low grows and raspy screamed lyrics that drag you into Egrets On Ergot’s haunting dystopia in the music video.


Completing the haunting mood in all black and white, the “Sister Please” music video drags you further into the gothy-punk world. Jumping between shots, you see diverse groups of people interacting. Between a heated make out session to a game of basketball and even a meditation group, these people are all going about their daily lives.


Early on, four symbols flash on the screen and each symbol appears on the arms of everyone in the video. While everyone seems to be interacting as if nothing is happening, once each person realizes the symbol on their arm, it creates four distinct groups.


A play on social commentary, the “Sister Please” video tackles a topic so few ever cover. The change from everyone interacting to a massive fight between the groups is how in life we seldom notice differences until it is pointed out and made clear.


Children in pre-school rarely know the meaning of skin color until they learn about race. Once you know someone’s practicing religion, it can change how you view them. This idea is tied to the signs on their arm bands. Everyone is the same until it’s pointed out there are differences.

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