Beauty Sleep Release Catchy New Single “All In”

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Beauty Sleep is back just in time for the summer with a new single, “All In,” that is sure to be your bop for the next three months. The indie band is known for creating synthy dream-pop bursting with guitar-riffs and pop-hooks that are hard not to will fall in love with, and “All In” is a perfect example of that. 

“All In” sees us met straight away with the serene synths we have grown to expect from the trio, which are joined shortly by a pop-meets-indie-and-gets-on-very-well drumbeat and keys. With a melody and lyrics highlighting Beauty Sleep’s songwriting and guitars reminiscent of Fickle Friends, expect a hook that could challenge even the best of pop.

Beauty Sleep’s “All In” Will Keep You Dancing Throughout the Summer

Fading in with a dreamy synth, your first take on “All In” is that it will be your usual dream pop. This could not be farther from the case, however, as the song quickly breaks open into an upbeat, filled-to-the-brim-with-synths pop song. However, nothing ever feels like too much or not enough; Beauty Sleep manage to find that perfect Goldilocks combination.

“You’ve come a long way to get here,” the singer opens the conversation, as the song pulls back to give him room to communicate with an ex-fling. “There’s so much that I need to tell you, I don’t know where I will begin.” It’s the classic case of meeting up with your ex, only for the feelings to resurface the minute you see each other and leave you wondering if getting back together isn’t the worst choice you could make.

Before you settle in too quickly, the chorus is pumping once again with ’80’s guitar decked out in reverb and the same roaring synths. The drum beat is lackadaisical, with a drum pad and live kit meeting in the middle  to give you a chorus that you can clap to. “I know we’ve been distant, I miss you in every woman,” the singer admits, as every instrument falls out to give full room for the confession.

However, the moment doesn’t last long – the chorus is back, just as catchy as it has been previously. A guitar solo leads you out, allowing Beauty Sleep to mark “All In” as a contender for indie’s song-of-the-summer.

Beauty Sleep will be releasing their debut EP “Nature Will Eat Me” this summer. You can follow Beauty Sleep on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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