Bedroom Ceilings Have A Vibe To Relate With

Bedroom Ceilings

There is a magical connection to music. It will take both the listener and the creator in the direction that is needed for the best results. The powerful muse will take hold. It seems like this has happened for our recent discovery, Bedroom Ceilings and fantastic music is the result.

The Michigan based project was originally the brainchild of singer-songwriter Dean Chittenden. It was meant to be a solo project. As Dean called in his longtime friend Ben Steer to help with the instrumentation of his debut album, something bigger started to grow. The collaborative energy was undeniable and Bedroom Ceilings was born.

Together they experimented with live performances and the creative direction became clear. Over the next 18 months, Bedroom Ceilings worked together to produce the band’s debut album Project Replicator. Combining multiple indie rock genres for something that is all their own.

A standout track off their most recent album Another Bulb Burned Out is my fave “Journal Entry: A Dream” With the smoothed out indie vibe, Bedroom Ceilings shows true songwriting skills. The vocals have a unique style that provides a happy feel to get your head bopping along with a smile. As the full soundscape is filled with a variety of instrumental sounds we get a chance to enjoy different tones with each listen. 

If Bedroom Ceilings can get some new music to the world soon, they could pick up an audience desperate for their songs with feeling.

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