Bilk: The Next British Green Day


I recently had the pleasure of discovering the Essex UK band Bilk on Spotify. The algorithm put their song “Spiked” on my radar and it went into heavy rotation for me. 

I followed the band on Instagram and asked if I could interview them. They obliged, and we ended up speaking for over an hour. The lead singer Sol expressed his ambition to make Bilk an internationally known act. He also shared they have a cult following back in the UK, with fans who have tattooed their snail logo on their bodies. He was also excited that they’s be going to Austin Texas to play in the United States for the first time for the South by Southwest music festival. They will be releasing their debut LP album in February, and have high hopes that it will set the world on fire with their catchy hooks and undeniable power chords that infect all their songs.

Check Out ‘Daydreamer’ by Bilk

Bilk recently released their EP “Just Don’t Work For Me” and though it only has 4 songs, it is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. All of Bilk’s songs pack a punch and it’s impossible to not bop your head to every track. When I listened to it for the first time, I enjoyed every song on the record. What sticks out about their music is ther emphasis on coming from modest means but have the motivation to make something of their lives. There were some standout tracks such as “Be Someone” which is about the band’s desire to make it big. The song “Hummus and Pitta” is about a night out and the track has some killer guitar riffs. My personal favorite is “Daydreamer,” where Bilk sings about being middle-class blokes who encourage the listener to be daydreamer just like them. 

In general, Bilk’s EP is one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard in a while. The production is fantastic, and some ways I’d argue Bilk is the British Green Day with anthems that will delight anyone who listens. Do yourself a favor and listen to this fantastic EP

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