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MONTAUK Lets Us In To Their Spotless Mind

Montauk is the UK-based pop/rock outfit led by lead vocalist and songwriter Drew Richardson, whose songs, vision and talent comprise the center of the group’s new self-titled release.  Montauk the record is actually a concept album based upon the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the band takes its name and album

Pop Punk Pile Up Debuts Line Up For 2018

Festivals throughout the UK aren’t anything new. However, Pop Punk Pile Up Festival will be making its debut in 2018. The new festival is Riff Media’s first branching out into the festival circuit after a successful decade. After a year of huge growth, successful events, and gaining a wealth of contacts, 2018 just seemed like

S.O.S. Enters The Electro Pop World With A Mission

As an independent songwriter, you must be willing to keep experimenting and often changing your sound.  This development helps in your skills as a musician and often leads you on a path to find a truly unique sound that is all yours.  Music fans seek out this uniqueness.  A perfect example is the rising star