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Bilk: The Next British Green Day

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the Essex UK band Bilk on Spotify. The algorithm put their song “Spiked” on my radar and it went into heavy rotation for me.  I followed the band on Instagram and asked if I could interview them. They obliged, and we ended up speaking for over an hour.

Scarfoot Survives with the ‘Cactus Killer’

In the career of any band there will always be hurdles. Momentum and lulls. Stops and starts. This all came to a true head with a worldwide pandemic basically shutting down the music industry for the past 2 years. Many bands curled up and died. Others sucked it up and found new ways to hold

MONTAUK Lets Us In To Their Spotless Mind

Montauk is the UK-based pop/rock outfit led by lead vocalist and songwriter Drew Richardson, whose songs, vision and talent comprise the center of the group’s new self-titled release.  Montauk the record is actually a concept album based upon the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the band takes its name and album