Cigarette Social Club Want To ‘Tell Me How’

Cigarette Social Club

Sometimes we run into bands that just seem to be having fun together making music. This is contagious not only for us but for the fans that get to see them live. Our recent find Cigarette Social Club fits this bill and has been out there building up their name in the indie rock genre.

The 5-piece group formed back in 2019 in Cheltenham and Birmingham, UK. Together they created a unique spacy indie rock sound that has been drawing some attention. The live music scene is where Cigarette Social Club is really picking up steam. Gaining fans playing throughout Bristol, London, and Worcester in late 2021 led to a sold out headline show in Cheltenham in December. 

‘Tell Me How’ by Cigarette Social Club

The most recent release from Cigarette Social Club is their new hit “Tell Me How.” A spacy smoothed out melody opens the track lulling the listener into the groove. Vocals match the vibe bringing us in even closer and deeper. Then the big sonic attack hits like a ton of bricks to turn up the energy. The soft-heavy-soft dynamic keeps the listeners attention throughout. A sweet distorted guitar solo is thrown in to show that these guys have the skill to really write great songs.

Cigarette Social Club is definitely a band to keep an eye on and catch live if you get the chance. Keep up with them on INSTAGRAM.

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